HP 110 – Portable computing redux

HP just announced a new netbook, the HP Mini 110. Engadget has a posting with Video covering this new netbook, which seems to replace the HP Mini 1000. Unlike the HP Mini 1000, this 110 seems to have a bit more beefy features (except that it lost Bluetooth). My impression is that they took many of the great features of the (somewhat anemic) HP 2113 and applied them to the HP Mini 1000.

The HP 110 caught my attention not just because it looks like a great Netbook, but that it has the same name/number as the original laptop, the HP 110, which I remember seeing in prototype form on a trip in 1984 to HP’s site in Corvallis, OR. Check out the specs on this baby. 300 baud modem!

HP 110 – 1984:

(Image from OldComputers.net – go visit there.)

HP 110 – 2009:

Anyway, when did modem ports disappear on laptops/netbooks? I wasn’t really paying attention, so I imagine it’s been a few years since POTS modems on most laptops and all netbooks have gone the way of the Dodo.